Our Services

We offer on-site laboratory, x-ray, and ultrasound services for your convenience. Should you need additional services, we will help you schedule your appointment with the appropriate agency or specialist.

Seasonal Flu Shots Available

Be sure to get your flu shot in the early fall before the flu season starts in January though it can start as early as October. The flu vaccine is recommended for everyone six months of age and older. Please call the office or log into the patient portal to request a short appointment for you and your family.

Brit Milah

Dr. Adelman is an ordained mohel trained to do ritual covenant of circumcision. As an ordained mohel for almost two decades, Dr. Adelman blends the best of modern medicine with longstanding Jewish tradition.

North Carolina Advance Health Care Directive Registry

The North Carolina Department of the Secretary of State offers a wonderful voluntary program to register your future health care wishes such as organ donation and medical emergency care to assist your family and medical providers to know your wishes in a crisis situation. Please view their site, Advance Health Care Directive Registry, for further valuable information. Plan ahead so that you have a voice in your future health care issues.